11 of The Best TrafficExchange Website

11 of The Best TrafficExchange Website 

What is a traffic exchange

traffic exchange is when you visit other people’s websites and they visit yours in exchange. People use traffic exchange networks to build up a steady traffic flow to their websites.

First, sign up on a traffic exchange website and submit your own website. Then, you’ll have to start earning credits by visiting other people’s websites and can further spend these credits on improving your blog traffic. Some exchange sites allow buying a traffic package instead of viewing others’ websites. And, you can trade your credits for cash.

Types of Traffic Exchange:

Mainly there are two types of traffic exchange 

  1. Autosurf Traffic Exchange
  2. Manual Traffic Exchange

Autosurf  Traffic Exchanges:

Autosurf uses bot which is the form of software installed in the computer which serves to browse for you. With the help of this software, you can earn credits while you are doing other tasks in backgrounds. In other words, you get something without doing anything. This provides you with little earning of a few dollars.

Manual Traffic Exchanges:

Almost everyone prefers Manual traffic due to the fear of bots which usually provide fake traffic and lack the ability to convert, subscribe, or click the ads. Manual traffic exchange which restricts bot access also often uses captcha verification in order to check whether browsing is done by a robot or a real human. This is a more practical and reliable way.

Here is the list of best traffic exchange websites

  1. advertisefree 
  2. feelingsurf
  3. otohits
  4. 9hits
  5. hitzboost / he is scam now
  6. easyhits4u
  7. trafficg
  8. 10khits
  9. autowebsurf
  10. rankboostup
  11. bighits4u

they pay $1 dollar for every active referral. Withdraw your earnings to PayPal, Payeer, Skrill or Wise. No minimum payout and the is the proof from my account

Win a Bonus every 25 websites visited on the Surf Page. Win credits, impressions and even cash.

Users can get Real Human visitors and reach the targeted audience. and you can Create your own social profile and promote special offers. Your offers will appear on users feed when they sign in. they offer a link tracker and free rotator and many features


  • $1 Referrals and $7 for every month their Upgraded
  • 1:1 Surf Ratio
  • Banner Exchange
  • Advertise up to 50 websites and YouTube videos

More than 67,000 users use this traffic exchange site And I used it myself because it has the best quality of traffic The total traffic on their sites has increased. Provides simultaneous browsing from multiple sites.
and This site has been running since 2007


  • Choose a fixed or random duration, from 10 to 300 seconds.
  • free 100 free hits for signup
  • provide pay to click which means that the members can earn by clicking ads
  • Instant website validation

Otohits is an auto-surf traffic exchange. It allows you to add several websites. This program is free of cost and boosts traffic to your websites. Once you have added websites for the traffic and earning points with the auto-surf tool, you can stay on the website 24/7.

Users can get geographical targets audience and reach the targeted audience. All the available features on the account are free of cost, and there are no membership plans.  Visitors always get the targeted hits, 95% of the impression they can get easily from the Otohits.


  • The interface supports many languages that are English, Spanish
  • All features are free of cost

  • The interface is easy to use
  • Malicious or substandard content is checked on websites
  • the validation process is very fast (less than 24 hours)

9Hits is an auto traffic exchange system with a lot of unique features. Support creating interaction such as clicking, scrolling, bypass captcha.


  • Popups allowed
  • You can transfer points to another user
  • ByPass Captcha
  • Viewer Sessions: Unlimited

5- hitzboost
  1. he is scam now

EasyHits4u is one of the best manual traffic exchanges. has more than 1790000 members This easy-to-use service has 1:1 exchange ratio on the 20-second timer for free users and 10-second timer for ultimate users. Such an exchange ratio means that you’ll receive a visitor to your site for every site you visit. To save time, you can purchase visits. 


  • The number of visits per day is not limited.
  • Networking is easy on the website.
  • Even the free plan includes powerful marketing tools. 
  • The platform offers detailed statistics and tracking.
  • You can earn credits and cash by referring visitors to the platform.

TrafficG is another free exchange site. Its interface is easy to use and straightaway. You advertise other entrepreneurs, and in return, you get traffic on your website. Members of TrafficG look at each other’s websites. It lets you add a small banner to the TrafficG exchange frame.

As you recommend individuals to TrafficG, you will earn credits for the traffic/banner exchange. Once you have signed, go to Add site, enter your URL and choose the internet channel and geographic area. Click on start surfing, and you would be directed to other websites, make them engage, and get impressions in return. You can add unlimited websites


  • You can get a targeted audience
  • Free listing in TrafficG
  • Users can take advantage of banners
  • You can promote unlimited websites
  • 1000 Free Banner Impressions

10khits generate a huge amount of traffic on your website within few minutes. It works in a short life span with an auto-surf feature. Because the most important aspect in SEO is not simply traffic but traffic that converts, often known as low bounce rates. Your website should be used to achieve specific objectives such as sign-ups, purchases, and email subscriptions rather than simply generating visitors. So, for this 10khits Is the best traffic exchange you should go for this. The users can earn points after every 10-second visit.


  • The platform provides you with real visitors, not bots.
  • It can greatly boost your Alexa rank.
  • You can set the maximum number of hits per hour and choose the duration of visits.
  • You get 100 points for free after signing up.
  • You can earn commission points if you share your referral link.
  • Users can either hide or show their traffic sources and make it look as if the traffic was coming from search engines.
  • The application is light-weight and user-friendly.

Autowebsurf is a free traffic exchange that automatically drives traffic to your webpages. All you have to do is submit your page, install the viewer app and your webpage will start getting traffic. The service accepts all websites which are family-friendly, including social media and videos. 


  • Users can adjust the view timer up to 300 seconds.
  • Users can hide the referrer.
  • You can earn up to 25% on referral commissions.

RankBoostUp is a trusted autosurf traffic exchange program launched in 2007 provides traffic to your websites, and it is one of the best leading apps in the traffic exchange industry. No other traffic exchange provides the level of quality as RankBoostup. Their advanced features help you to Rank better even on mobile devices.

You can choose your social media platform from where you need traffic. You can specify the percentage of visitors who should be directed to another page on your website or who should click a link on that page. This lowers bounce rates, which are a key aspect in determining the quality of traffic in algorithms. You can set the time for visitorslike, how long you want them to stay


  • You can choose no of hits per day
  • Get the desired targeted audience
  • Pick and choose what keyword you want to rank
  • Auto-surf browser help you to earn as many points as you want

BigHits4U Free website traffic exchange that helps you to get traffic to your website and increase rankings. bighits4u is the best traffic exchange since 2014!


  • Surf Applicaion OS : Windows and Linux
  • Geotargeting
  • Lower Bounce Rates

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