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What Is MyPoints?

MyPoints was initially founded in 1996 and was a pioneer in the online rewards and online shopping space at the time.

Fast-forward to 2016 and MyPoints was acquired for a cool $13 million by Prodege, which owns several other rewards-based shopping portals.

At the time, MyPoints had over 9 million registered members. The company is still going strong and is one of the leading online rewards portals.

MyPoints today is known as an online rewards site where you can earn points (which, surprisingly, are called “MyPoints”) when shopping online with the company’s partner merchants.

How Does MyPoints Work?

For example, if you like to shop at Walmart, you can earn MyPoints for any purchase that you make on

Keep in mind that to get credited with MyPoints, you’d have to visit through your MyPoints account.

You can also earn points by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and taking advantage of special offers in your account.

Once you’ve collected enough points, you can then redeem your points for free gift cards at your favorite retailer or for a prepaid Visa gift card that can be used to buy items wherever Visa is accepted.

If cash is what you’re looking for, they got you covered there, too. They give the option to redeem your points as cash in your PayPal account. You can even exchange your MyPoints for United MileagePlus frequent flier miles

MyPoints Features

  1. Shop Online
  2. Deals
  3. Surveys
  4. Magic Receipts
  5. Games
  6. Travel Deals
  7. MyPoints Score!
  8. Bingo
  9. Sweepstakes
  10. Daily Polls
  11. Search & Earn

1. Shop Online

MyPoints is connected with hundreds, if not thousands of online retailers. If you plan on shopping online, you might as well earn some MyPoints while you’re at it.

To earn cashback while shopping, first do a quick search to see whether the retailer you’re planning to shop at is a member of the MyPoints network. If they are, go ahead and make your purchases through the retailer’s MyPoints link.

For example, if you need to buy flowers for your special someone, you can earn up to 1,500 points on qualifying purchases at ProFlowers. If it’s time for a new car battery, you can earn two points for each dollar that you spend at AutoZone. You can even earn four points for each dollar that you spend on pet food at Petco.

It seems that MyPoints is linked with literally every online shop. If you can’t find the store through MyPoints, you might want to reconsider whether or not it’s a good idea to shop there.

2. Deals

MyPoints has arranged special discounts with tons of different retailers and services. Check out their Featured Offers section to see what’s available.

For example, I’m seeing that I can earn  47,000 point for my first trip driving using the Uber app or playing games 15,600 point for playing Star Trek™ Fleet

You can even earn points for donating money to your favorite charity. For example, donations to the Project Hope earn you 750 points or a $15 donation to the Sierra Club earns you 6,400 points. Pretty cool!

3. Surveys

If you’re into taking surveys, you’ll probably want to check out the MyPoints survey portal.

Similar to other online survey sites that I’ve reviewed, you’ll be able to earn points and gift cards in exchange for sharing your opinions about products and services.

4. Magic Receipts

This is a newer feture. What you do is go the Magic Receipts page on the site and add items you are going to buy to your list. Once you purchase the items, scan your receipt and you will be awared the number of points that it lists for that item.

You can also earn 2 points just for scanning any receipt, whether you added items to your list or not.

5. Games

You can earn points by playing online games. However, it appears that you have to spend money to play many of these games.

As such, you might not want to take this route if you’re actually looking to earn cash. At the same time, if you’re a gamer who’s used to spending money to play games, you might as well make a little money while you do so.

6. Travel Deals

MyPoints offers travel deals through the world’s leading online travel providers, like Orbitz,, and Expedia. If you have a trip coming up, you can compare prices across these different websites and earn points when you make your booking.

If you book through Orbitz, for example, you can earn up to five points for each dollar that you spend. You can also earn up to 12 points per dollar on Extended Stay America bookings and two points per dollar on a rental car reservation with Enterprise.

7. Coupon Codes with MyPoints Score!

If you’re looking for the latest coupon codes, you’ll want to check out the Coupon Code page. Again, there are hundreds if not thousands of special discounts available.

8. Bingo

Bingo is the newest way to earn Bonus Points with MyPoints! Each tile on your Bingo Board will have an action item associated with it. Complete the action item and the square will change colors, showing you have completed the task.

Complete one of the sample patterns provided, submit your board, and earn bonus points!

9. Sweepstakes

The site now also offers Sweepstakes to have a chance to win some pretty cool items. Right now, you can use 10 points to enter a giveaway for AirPods Pro, or 50 points to enter to win a $25 Target gift card...

10. Daily Polls

Particpate in the daily poll and earn 1 point just for voting. Can’t get much easier than that!

11. Search and Earn

You now have the option to use their search bar to search the web and earn points. The more you search, the better your chances of earning more points is.

How Do I Redeem My MyPoints?

Here’s how to redeem your MyPoints for gift cards:

  1. Click on Redeem Points button in your account dashboard
  2. Sort through the various gift card options available to you.
  3. Once you find the reward you want, click the Get Rewarded button to cash in your points for that reward.

According to the sites help section, gift cards sent through postal mail typically take about two weeks to arrive, while eGift cards can take anywhere from three to ten business days to process.

You can easily redeem your points for PayPal cash on the Redemption page in your MyPoints account. However, you’ll first have to make sure that the name and email address that you’ve registered with MyPoints match exactly to your PayPal account. You’ll also need a verified PayPal account. Keep in mind that it can take up to five days for your MyPoints to transfer over to PayPal cash.

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